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The Creatine "Cell-Rinse/Flush" Theory

  The Creatine "Cell-rinse/flush" theory (Made with OpenArt AI, June 23rd, 2024, D. Troy Roach) The Cell-Rinse/Flush Theory in three stages:  The cell is sickly and dehydrated has trouble cleaning out the "rubbish". Creatine supplementation increases the hydration, thus the internal to the external pressure gradient while also watering down or "rinsing" the cell.  "Rubbish" is pushed out of the cell into the interstitial tissues for elimination by the lymphatic system, which also works better with increased levels of H2O since it does not have it's own pump to regulate pressure. Why I am interested in creatine now... I am at that stage in recovery that I can have a mostly normal life... as long as there is not too much stress and I avoid too much low-level (zone 2) exercise or ANY intense exercise. Unfortunately, life forces me to push myself more than planned; pacing is an art, not a science. Despite "enjoying the burn" of my muscl

Pacing 101 - Brain Training as a tool to pace better

Brain Training -- Another Pacing Tool TLDR:  Brain training is one of many tools to help pace better by reducing wasted mental and emotional energy. The brain is small, but it is an energy hog that can eat through spoons faster than a sprint up the stairs. The science behind most "brain training" is sound. Most brain training programs oversell what they offer. You do not need an expensive program to learn this science. Outside of the "tools" that brain training programs teach you, which you can learn for free, the main benefit is accountability and the support of a coach. Some people might benefit from hiring a coach whom they can afford and feel a connection with. Brain training is not the boogeyman. It is just another tool to add to your healing toolbelt. Don't expect miracles. Stay away from programs that promise quick results and learn what you need for free. Like every other "cure" out there... people like to show off the big success stories becau