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November - Bikini Weather in Tel Aviv

Coffee break during our 15km walk along the coast Dear Citizens of the World, Although less exciting than my last post about seeing rockets and long-range missile tests, I think that these photos of a November walk along our beach in Tel Aviv are worth a post. I try to highlight the positive side of living in Tel Aviv as an expat. One advantage is the weather. Not many people can say they walk along the beach in mid-November and still see tons of people in bikini - not me though... not my style. Leaving Tel Aviv going North you not only have the beach. There are lots of other sights. You can wait at the bottom of the runway and let the plains buzz you as they land. Enjoy the Boardwalk around the Old North Port of Tel Aviv A cool, long-green, hair-like algae on the rocks at low tide The advertising for ice-cream leaves a lot to be desired...the least being ice-cream. These haggared costumes did not make me think of food... Sunset over the old port with fisherman in the background The S

Israeli Missile tests - up-close

Israeli missile test this morning (Photo: JA) Dear citizens of the world, Ever since I moved to the Middle East, people have been asking about the security situation. My honest answer is always something along the lines of - "Israel is actually quite calm, they have some of the best security in the world... in many respects I actually feel safer here than in many other countries." This week, things have warmed up a bit: Extremists from Gaza shot a few dozen rockets at Southern Israel (From the office window, I could see the anti-rocket defense system firing as fighter jets flew overhead, going 30km South toward Gaza) . The newspapers are saying that Israel wants to make a preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear labs. The PA is pushing for statehood with the UN. And now, Israel is testing long-range defense missiles.... A friend was stopped by the military because he was entering the test area... he got this shot of the smoke-trail with his phone. The most impressive was the s