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pH level and microbiome balance & changes in inflammation in Long-Covid/ME?

Image generated with Midjourney by D. Troy Roach (28-02-2023) pH level and microbiome balance & changes in inflammation in Long-Covid?      Below is my theory which was originally published on May 28th, 2023. I think I might have found a major piece of the puzzle during day 4 of #TheNicotineTest. Is this the end of a long rabbit hole? I hope so!!! Details of the theory will be published in this Google Doc : I am only at the beginning of this rabbit hole . I am still determining where it is going. All the things I am looking at might just be basic science that is boring for a microbiologist. I might also be wrong on many levels! However, even if it is wrong, it might lead to a glimmer of insight somewhere in the search for answers? A piece of the puzzle? Right now I just have a bunch of random points that seem connected but might not be... Therefore, I will just list the points to see if anyone can help me make any connections: 1. My confusion over the presence of "Silent"

Neck exercises for Long Covid-- Part Deux

  Image created with Midjourney by D. Troy Roach (Feb 18th, 2023) Neck Exercises for Long Covid-- Part Deux This is my 8-month update from the neck exercises (TMJ exercises, Throat exercises, Posture, etc).  January 2024 update : See the " Mewing " section below for a new "Tongue Circle" exercise which I think will be a game changer. It has been a long journey since March 2020!  Since my second SARS2 infection in April of 2021, my main physical symptom (not counting fatigue, PEM, etc...) has been neck pain. Nothing I did seemed to help improve neck issues; stretching, weekly PT, Chiropractor, different pillows, muscle relaxers, etc. were all a bust! Luckily, in June 2022 I found some isometric exercises which have made a big difference! Notes/Disclaimer: My N=1, not medical advice.  Don't do anything that causes acute pain! Before these exercises, I took Gabapentin for 5 weeks and then Pregabalin for three weeks. Both seemed to help my neck, Pregabalin more tha

My Long-Covid Tinnitus Rabbit Hole Notes

 My Long-Covid Tinnitus Rabbit Hole Notes "A drawing of "sound", in the style of MC Escher." Generated with Dall-e on Feb. 4th, 2023. After almost three years of Long Covid, I have finally started moving in the right direction. I am now at about 70%! I am constantly researching, thinking, scheming, and experimenting to heal. However, with so many symptoms (Brain Fog being one of them), I often try to focus on one symptom at a time. Thanks to my improvements over the past 6 months, I can now spend some time researching the less debilitating symptoms like Tinnitus. My tinnitus is not too bad. It is mostly bearable:  It is not always there now. I am only bothered when it is too quiet.  It seems to be worse when there is more inflammation. Most noise (city, work, talking, etc) masks it for me. I can mask it and forget about it with things like meditation music when I want to fall asleep. Since I have found a lot of benefits from brain training and "neuroplasticity