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Jerusalem Part III - Santa meets God

Santa? or is it Bill Clinton in disguise? Dear Citizens of the World! Being an expat in the very Western Tel Aviv you often forget that you are in the Holy Land...Whereas Jerusalem is the front-line of the battle between religions. Personally, the stress of living on the front line would not be my choice location, but going for the day is well worth the time, and easy to do since it only takes about 45 minutes to get there from Tel Aviv. However, on this visit, we were only had time to visit the Holly Supulchre and to have lunch at a restaurant the Pope John Paul ate at. Ray of light in the Holy Supulchor Cathedral I love how the intense beam of winter sunlight shoots across the church. Women praying, deep inside Jesus's tomb. The low amount of light and the one-meter thick wall makes the shot look like a drawing... Natural light from the eye of the Pantheon-like dome of the Saint Supulchor Church Christmas decorations on sale in the Christain quarter. So, if you are in Tel Aviv a

Lunar Eclipse 2011 - Tel Aviv

Dear Citizens of the World, Traveling the world, not only do you get to see the countries from a different perspective... but the sky changes as well. Luckily, it was a clear evening and the early 4:30 pm sunset made the lunar eclipse from my terrace easy to watch. Lunar eclipse with the Manhattan in the background. The refraction of the sun's light from the Earth's atmosphere makes the moon look like a l0w-watt lightbulb, shining similarly to the terrace light across the street. A close-up ... proof that I need a better camera for kings day ;-) Have a nice week! And don't forget to look up to the heavens while you are might look different. - United Statesian