Sunday, February 27, 2011

Long Live the Egyptian Postal Employees!

Postcard that made it from Egypt...despite being in the middle of a revolution...

Dear Citizens of the World,

E-mails, instant messages, mobile phones and free calls on Skype and other services have made the art of communicating much easier and enjoyable for me. However, traditional letters are still relevant. I argue that they are even more relevant now than they have been in a long time.

The art of postcard writing has been almost lost, but thanks to a few thoughtful friends it is staying alive!

It used to be a treat to get hand-written letters in the mail, but it was not uncommon. Now, I usually only gets bills and junk-mail -- this is even dwindling because many of my bills come to me by email and advertising is becoming more directed (fewer "blanket" campaigns).

Those days that I do find a rare postcard from a friend in a distant land... it is such a treat!

This last postcard arrived this week in Madrid after a three-week long journey from Egypt. My friends who wrote the letter were on a Nile cruise when the revolution started. Thankfully they were able to leave Egypt a few days later without harm.

I will leave you with my friends' closing words..."Tanks are coming, demonstrators are here and we can't leave the ship!" just wouldn't be the same in an email.

-The United Statesian

PS... Make a list of people you would like to get a postcard from, compile the postal info, take it with you next time you travel, and make someones day with a well writen card.