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Neck Strengthening Exercises for Long Covid

  Image created with Dall-E 2 by D. Troy Roach, "Bust of a strong man in the style of MC Escher."   ..... Since my second SARS2 infection in April of 2021, my main physical symptom (not counting fatigue, PEM, etc...) has been neck pain. Nothing I did seemed to help improve this symptom; stretching, weekly PT, Chiropractor, different pillows, muscle relaxers, etc were all a bust. Luckily, in June 2022 I found some isometric exercises which have made a big difference over the span of two to three months of doing them almost daily. My neck issues have reduced by 70%. My problem, as diagnosed by a specialist PT, is probably neuromuscular. It affects my occipitals, SCM, TMJ, throat, tinnitus, etc. It seems to be a kind of CCI (Cranial Cervical instability) that was caused by the Spring 2021 flavor of SARS2.  Note: Before these exercises, I took Gabapentin for 5 weeks and then Pregabalin for three weeks. Both seemed to help my neck, Pregabalin more than Gabapentin. Three weeks see