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Petra - Weekend Escape - Part II

Dear Citizens of the World! Today, I have decided to take a break from being the target in other people's target practice to post the second set of pics from our weekend in Petra. Seems fitting since Petra holds so much beauty.... This was my favourite spot in Petra. It is a very colourful tomb below and to the left of the Tomb of the Kings. A detail of the area below the entrance of this tomb. Ceiling detail... As promissed I have some tips for your next visit to Petra: First , choosing the correct time of year is crucial. Winter evening get quite cold at 1000m elevation in a desert. Summer days would be worse. Second : when making the long treck up behind the tomb of the kings (some of the stairs in the pic above) to see the Treasury from the rim of the canyon, make sure you plan to be at top when you have the right lighting. I went quite early and it was still mostly in the shade. Third : Plan to stay at least 1.5 to 2 days. There is plenty to visit and it is best to take your t

Petra - Weekend Escape - Part I

Dear Citizens of the World, Living in Israel means being disconnected with most of its neighbors, but Jordan and Israel have quite good relations. Lucky for us, it is possible to cross the border and visit Petra in one long weekend - one day there, 1.5 days to visit and then back to Tel Aviv. Unfortuntely, our visit to Petra and Wadi Rum were at the end of January when it was very cold and cloudy... but I guess that it is better than 40 degrees (100F) in the summer. A few shots from our first day at Petra... Thanks to these two, we were able to get a nice hot tea with mint - great when you are in a desert and it is cloudy and cold! A wider section of the canyon with fantastic light. Fantastic texture that looks like dripping paint. There is plenty of information on visiting Petra, however, in my next post, I will give some tips that I did not find in any of the on-line guides. - The United Statesian A parting shot... Cloudy day in the city at the gates to Petra.