The Creatine "Cell-Rinse/Flush" Theory

 The Creatine "Cell-rinse/flush" theory

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The Cell-Rinse/Flush Theory in three stages: 

  1. The cell is sickly and dehydrated has trouble cleaning out the "rubbish".
  2. Creatine supplementation increases the hydration, thus the internal to the external pressure gradient while also watering down or "rinsing" the cell. 
  3. "Rubbish" is pushed out of the cell into the interstitial tissues for elimination by the lymphatic system, which also works better with increased levels of H2O since it does not have it's own pump to regulate pressure.

Why I am interested in creatine now...

I am at that stage in recovery that I can have a mostly normal life... as long as there is not too much stress and I avoid too much low-level (zone 2) exercise or ANY intense exercise.

Unfortunately, life forces me to push myself more than planned; pacing is an art, not a science. Despite "enjoying the burn" of my muscles from the unplanned "exercise"... I pay for it later with abnormal muscle pain and excessive tiredness in the day(s) afterwards. Luckily, tinnitus has become my early warning signal that keeps me from crashing.

So, I decided a month ago to supplement with about 5 or 6 grams a day of creatine... along with a long list of other interventions like BCAA which I take two times a day.

First Month: I gained 4 kg... presumably in water weight. And I avoided pushing too hard and only had a couple unplanned "exercise" events that went OK. Just letting my body slowly build up creatine stores.

Second Month: Using the extra free time of summer break from work at university, I am actually trying to "work out". On Saturday I did my first HIIT (5 x 50 seconds) with a couple minutes of break between sprints. That came two-days after an 8km hike (+300m elevation) done all in zone 2 (110 to 123bpm) monitored with the Polar H10 strap (watches are useless for this). And Friday was a busy day with 10k plus steps.
Today is Sunday, a rest day. I feel a bit tired, but hopeful. Hydration and various herbal teas to help flush out lactic acid (and whatever else is rinsed out of the cells by this increased water weight) will be seen as a cleanse. This week will be my first complete week with exercise. Let's see how it goes.

To be continued...

30th June update: Made it through a complete week of training. Thursday I did my zone 2 on outdoor stairs. Did HIIT (6 x 50 seconds) Saturday. I happily had a groin strain from not warming up enough for the sprints. Happy because I felt slowed down by an injury instead of the normal fatigue. Today, Sunday, is a rest day. Feeling good. HRV "power" readings have trended up since my first HIIT. I still appear to be gaining weight. I think that I will switch to jumping rope for my HIIT and some of the zone 2 training. Less chance of injury and I can control HR and times better.

A funny, quick video gives all the answers to the longer videos bellow... in case you want to save time: 

10 benefits of creatine... with lots of muscle B-roll. Watching it from the point of view of a person with LongCovid... you will hear many familiar terms mentioned: 

Some of the science behind creatine from a couple "Bro-scientists".

Rhonda Patrick's summary of the benefits of creatine. 

Video's focus is on muscle growth and recovery benefits & muscle fatigue reduction and some reasons to ignore some poor research showing downsides.

Rhonda Patricks gives an in-depth research analysis with references and finishes with this conclusion:

"Creatine supplementation is widely practiced to enhance exercise and sports performance. It is well-tolerated by most healthy people and those with pathological conditions. Numerous studies suggest that creatine may be critical in slowing bone and muscle decline in older adults and providing neuroprotective effects."
A highlight for me is the research on the use of Creatine for TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). In my opinion, the damage done by SARS CoV2 to the brain should be considered a mTBI. 
"These studies indicate that creatine supplementation may offset some of the damaging effects of TBI"
Also of relevance is the research on metabolic regulation, reducing "bad" cholesterol and sugar spikes.

Dr Brad Stanfield addresses the various concerns or side effects regarding creatine supplementation.
All in all, he sees no downsides to 5 grams of creatine a day.

Dr. Peter Attia speaking with an expert on creatine:


Take care of yourself and, if you can, someone else too. 

We are stronger together!

D. Troy Roach

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