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Welcome Home!...your new home!

Dear Citizens of the World! Welcome home! Yet again, I am making a new home in a new country and learning a new language. Each time I fly into Tel Aviv, I see this retro sign welcoming immigrants during their "accent" to the homeland. Each time, I am reminded of my many homes around the world. Being an expat...the notion of "home" takes on a new meaning. I once felt that the increasing number of homes was a wearing me thin by trying to be in many places at once. However, I now see it as an enriching experience -- the more you expand you physical horizons, the more you expand your inner horizons. In any case...I am happy that my new home is not on a street with a name like this one: Is that pronounced "Bear Sh*t"? The United Statesian

First rain in Tel Aviv - surprise!

First rain in months... Dear Citizens of the World, Tel Aviv has seen rain! This is news indeed. After three months in Isreal we have not seen a drop of rain...until last week. It was not much of a rain -- only lasted ten minutes and it only got things wet enough to make the months of dust become mud after evaporating ten minutes later-- but it was enough to actually be called rain. What would be a non-event in my other homes, is a big event in a desert. Tel Aviv's total average rainfall for the months of June, July and August combined is Zero! See Wiki on Tel Aviv ... Our reason for being here is directly related to Israel's lack of rain, but it is one thing to see it on paper and another thing to experience it in real life. I sudenly feel thirsty.... -The United Statesian