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Tel Aviv -- Your Beauti-fool!

Father and over-dressed son play on the beach Dear Citizens of the world! It has been a rainy January here in Tel Aviv, but February has started out sunny and warm! While friends and family are digging out from snow and sliding down icy roads, we spent Saturday walking along the beaches of Tel Aviv. Hi Beauti-Fool! There are plenty of nice beach scenes along the Israeli coast, but I focused on some of the details where city meets the beach. A good example is some of the best grafiti that is simple and too the point. This grafiti is part of a massive, abandoned...least-taken-advantage-of section of the Tel Aviv coast. How could such valuable terrain go to waste? Luckily there are some picturesque parts of the city to leave you with a warmer more positive feeling. Jaffa at sunset... Main street in Jaffa at twilight just at the end of Shabbat I hope I have succeeded in making you snow-bunnies jealous ;-) -The United Statesian PS A parting shot...

Don't Look Down!

Dear Citizens of the world! Don't look down! Unless you are blind, then you are fine.... or not. On our way to Petra, we stopped in Mitspe Ramon to have a look at Israel's mini-Grand Canyon crater and the fantastic views of the desert from its edges. To our surprise, there was a group of blind people rappelling down the side of the cliff. OK, They had the help of monitors and volunteers, but still.... rappelling down a cliff has got to be an experience when you don't see where you are going and when you have no idea how far you would fall if you messed up. Watch that next's a doozy! The experiment reminded me of my rock climbing class at the University of Chambery in the French Alps. The instructor had us climbing up with a blindfold, feeling for the holds and balancing ourselves without being able to see. It was a great way to learn to get a "feel" for rock climbing. I hope to be back in that area soon for a hike...who's up for a walk through th