Monday, June 28, 2010

Go Tech Go! Solar Decathlon Champs!

Dear Citizens of the World!

Yeah!!!! Virginia Tech has just won the 2010 Solar Decathlon which was held in Madrid this year!

The Hokies are great in United Statesian Football, yet they still Rock in Solar house design!

Here are a few pics from the competition that took place down by the river. A few pics are more artisitic than others.

Sunset over the river.

A profile shot of Tech's LumenHaus

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Duck! Rice Incoming! - Spanish Country Weddings

Dear Citizens of the world!

It's Spring...time for Spanish country weddings!

I have been to a few weddings but this one took the cake for length and for... rowdyness.

Any celebration in Spain involves food. The wedding was three days of eating, but with a ceremony and white dress somewhere in the middle.

The white dress

The festivities started with a long dinner, dancing and drinking until the wee hours on Friday.

Saturday morning's ceremony was "traditional" but the tossing of rice and rose pedals became a pumelling that had everyone diving for cover.

After a snack of rosquilas (the local version of donuts, but with more grease), we headed off to lunch.

In between the various courses, the bride and groom were "forced" by their rowdy friends to do all manner of rituals.

The groom being paraded around the reception wearing only a diaper...

After lunch came dancing, drinking, a siesta and then more eating that evening.

The grooms friends cutting his tie, and.... his underwear...

Sunday, we finished up with a big lunch with the family and a farewell. The bride and groom did not take off on the honeymoon for a few days because they would have missed part of the celebrations...

Since we are ariving at the end of the term in the school, I was grading and putting final grades to my students at every break I got from the eating and festivities.

The United Statesian

PS...Take cover...