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A cool sea breeze at the top of the desert

Mountains above the sea... a good mix. Dear citizens of the world, How things can change in just one week. One Saturday we was hiking over an ice-wind swept mountain , and the next we were on the Mediteranian coast, at 700m, a balmy 30 degrees Celsius and a cool sea breeze coming from the beach below. Natural frame in the Desierto de las Palmas, Marina D'or This weekend, will be another wedding in the pueblo ... Hasta pronto! The United Statesian

Fractal Spring

Dear Citizens of the world! The winter has ended in Madrid. The sun is shining! My last post from my hike on Saturday might be the final dregs of winter. But you never know. Spanish people have a saying: "H asta el cuarenta de mayo no te quites el sayo ." Which in United Statesian means: "Don't store your winter clothes until the 40th of may (June 10th)." Because winter can always come back and surprise you, even in June. The other good news I have to share with you is rocking sound of Fractal. My coworker Ryk, a musician from the Canary Islands, is preparing to put out his first album. I went to the FNAC on Sunday for a cool concert. A good way to start Spring. Check it out if you want to know what Spanish rock sounds like. Some of the songs are in English. Hasta pronto, The United Statesian

"Winter is a Cabrón" - Go away!

Aguila Peak, Madrid in Spring? Dear Citizens of the World, Cold, rain, snow, and ice...I am tired of it! It is mid-May and winter will not go away! If you go to the mountians you know that you have to be ready for anything, but five centimeters of ice on the trees is too much, even at 2000m. The forecast of next week looks much better... I hope! If you squint you can see the four towers, 70km away in Madrid . Solitary hiker at the peak This is what wind and ice do to trees at 2000m . A second of pure joy while the sun was shining in the valley. Only to hide away moments later. Even in the sun it did not get above 15º C. The song for today "Cabrón" , is dedicated to winter - brought to you by the Red Hot's... The United Statesian