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A POTS/OI at-home, easy, free, safe rehab program hypothesis:

A POTS/OI at-home, easy, free, safe rehab program hypothesis: Made with Stable Diffusion by D. Troy Roach, 26th July 2023 Ground Rules: 1. Understand that this is just a theory . Your input will be valuable in improving the technique and refining it for future users. 2. Take care of yourself first. Do not push yourself or risk injury in any way. Actually, if there is danger or pain... then stop! Each step should be done from a place of calm & safety! 3. Each exercise/movement should be done with a calm/steady Heart Rate (HR) and Blood Pressure(BP) . If your HR or BP spikes... then you are pushing too hard. No problem, take a break, take a step back and continue. Step 1: Read through and understand each part. Since you are doing this without 1-to-1 guidance, it is important to clearly understand the theories. In summary, POTS/OI (Orthostatic Intolerance) is caused by dysautonomia. The nervous system is not communicating correctly with the cardiovascular system. This system used to k

The Good and Bad Effects of Nicotine on the Brain and Body, from Neuroscience-Broscientist Andrew Huberman Ph.D. (Video/Podcast)

The Good and Bad Effects of Nicotine on the Brain and Body, from "Neuroscience-Broscientist" Andrew Huberman Ph.D. (Video/Podcast) This is my summary of the 2hr long podcast/video Dr. Huberman did on nicotine. This summary is mostly for people wanting to use nicotine patches for medicinal reasons (short-term use). However, the summary might be helpful for anyone interested in this topic who just wants the highlights. And, this is not medical advice....Only a summary to help speed up research before speaking with your personal doctor. Show notes with time stamps and links is pasted at the bottom for your convenience. The "How to quit Smoking or Vaping section" has few details since addiction is not an issue with this kind of treatment. Smoking and Vaping are bad. Nicotine on its own can be "good." Nicotine, mixed with other substances included in vaping , makes it very addictive for the brain. Mental Focus is like an arrow : The direction of focus comes f

My n=1 RemissionBiome/Fasting experiment

Created with Midjourney by D. Troy Roach (20 March 2023). My n=1 RemissionBiome/Fasting experiment!  In honor of the wonderful researchers doing a very exciting, live, @RemissionBiome experiment (n=2), I wanted to add my n=1 case study to add to their supporting case studies. My experiment is different in that it was only about 40% premeditated. A bout with ascending diverticulitis was the unplanned starting gun. The long fast also makes it different. I will try to keep it short and to the point, but I will probably ramble at the end with all my theories ;-). History Pre-Covid: 46-year-old, male, weekend warrior athlete, experimenting with things like IF and Wim-Hof to improve health, and healthspan.  Main sports: Hiking, Trekking, Trail running, some small ultra runs (just trying to finish, not compete), and working towards a long ultra (60 to 100k) and maybe doing a few "tourist" 6000m or 7000m peaks. Covid: 2 infections for sure, a 3rd pretty sure (Elisa blood test), and a

pH level and microbiome balance & changes in inflammation in Long-Covid/ME?

Image generated with Midjourney by D. Troy Roach (28-02-2023) pH level and microbiome balance & changes in inflammation in Long-Covid?      Below is my theory which was originally published on May 28th, 2023. I think I might have found a major piece of the puzzle during day 4 of #TheNicotineTest. Is this the end of a long rabbit hole? I hope so!!! Details of the theory will be published in this Google Doc : I am only at the beginning of this rabbit hole . I am still determining where it is going. All the things I am looking at might just be basic science that is boring for a microbiologist. I might also be wrong on many levels! However, even if it is wrong, it might lead to a glimmer of insight somewhere in the search for answers? A piece of the puzzle? Right now I just have a bunch of random points that seem connected but might not be... Therefore, I will just list the points to see if anyone can help me make any connections: 1. My confusion over the presence of "Silent"

Neck exercises for Long Covid-- Part Deux

  Image created with Midjourney by D. Troy Roach (Feb 18th, 2023) Neck Exercises for Long Covid-- Part Deux This is my 8-month update from the neck exercises (TMJ exercises, Throat exercises, Posture, etc).  January 2024 update : See the " Mewing " section below for a new "Tongue Circle" exercise which I think will be a game changer. Ma rch 2024 update : I have now added tongue circles. The tongue is a huge muscle that can help strengthen the neck as a whole. May 2024 update: I tried to stop my tine dose (10 mg) of amitriptyline. One month taper down to 5 mg...then off it for a few weeks. Bad idea to stop. My sleep got worse and neck tension came back. So I am now back on 5mg. The stop was because my head was feeling "too loose and bobbly", so a half dose of 5mg seems to be a good half-way point. Amitriptyline didn't start working until after nicotine patches... so I wonder what will happen when I take