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Bad slogans: How to create a slogan and not shoot yourself in the foot.

 #BlackLivesMatter #DefundThePolice #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #MeToo#BeBest? #GenerationTouch  @yipiyipiyeah How to create a good slogan? When making slogans, people need to be very careful because language is important and the message can be easily twisted.  Rule #1: Do NOT make the slogan too specific.  A good example is #GlobalWarming which only spoke to one part of the global environmental problem. As time went on, proponents saw that the slogan was too narrow and it did not get across a complicated issue with many causes and a varied outcome. Global warming was replaced with #ClimateChange which is a much better slogan, but people who do not understand the issue are still stuck on the "warming" part and use snowstorms as faulty reasoning to ignore the science. An entire generation was lost because of a wrongly formulated slogan. Rule #2: Do not make it divisive.  The #BLM slogan is both too specific and divisive. The idea is obviously "Black lives matter Too&quo