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Flying Machine, take me to my new home!

Flying machine...a Rolls-Royce, but spam-like food Dear Citizens of the World, We have made it to Tel-Aviv! Tired and stressed from the long list of tasks that come with a making a new country your home. The first flight went well and dinner in Neve Tsedek at Suzana Restaurant was fresh,healthy and with a great ambiance. First view of Tel-Aviv from the air...I can see my hotel from here! The first ride across the city was punctuated by a wonderful sunset along the coast, with views of Jaffa Port. Doing tai-chi at sunset along the coast in Tel-Aviv First sunset in Tel-Aviv See you soon, The United Statesian

SOLution Square -- Major Protest?

My favourite spot in SOL. A vegetable garden planted around the fountain. Will authorities dig it up and put back the "pretty flowers" when all is done? Dear Citizens of the World! Greetings from Madrid, the center of major "anti-status-quo" protests, making headlines on CNN and around the world. Media has compared the protest camp in Puerta del Sol to Tahrir square in Cairo and the Arab Spring movement. The protesters use a play on words to rename Spain's most famous Square "Solution Square" instead of SOL which means sun. The protests that got lots of attention in national and international press are there, but not that big of a deal. There are more turists taking pictures than actual campers and the surrounding shopping streets are actually more packed than the plaza. It is important to note that there is no violence, everyone is working well togther to avoid problems and to not damage anything. Volunteers are handing out sun-cream, water and

An "old" new home!

Egyptian Debod Temple in Madrid - Sunset, last light reflections Dear Citizens of the World! I have recently found out that we are moving to the Middle East! My new home will be "Old" and steeped in history. In some ways I will be leaving Madrid, but in other ways it will only be a new adventure and a new place to call home. Recently, while walking around Madrid I went to the Debod temple to see the sunset on a gorgeous Spring evening. The 2,000 year old temple was a "gift" from Egypt to their friends in Spain. I will not be moving to Egypt, but close enough to cycle there. You can expect plenty of pictures like these in the future. Maybe I'll post pics of Spanish food in the Middle East? On an aside: For those who wonder about peace in the Middle is one solution inspired in the Spanish Santiago Trail... Have a nice day! - The United Statesian