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From home, to home -- Chasing the sun

Sunset in Atlanta Dear citizens of the world! This United Statesian has left home in the US to go home, but with a stop at home along the way. My 30 hour long journey from home to home... to home was not without its problems -- snow, cancellations, racing to the airport; however, I did try to enjoy the trip. My trip started with a very cold snowy day in Pittsburgh: Snowy Departure The first leg of my voyage took me on a short flight to Atlanta (should have been through JFK) and a three hour layover that gave me the chance to watch the sunset over the tarmac in Atlanta (picture at top)... The nine-hour flight was not too bad, but Delta did manage to show the same movie I had seen on the inbound flight three months earlier... c'est la vie. After a few hours in Madrid at my next home where I switched luggage and went to the train station to catch my six-hour train ride to Valencia. The hour long stopover in Valencia gave me the chance to snap some fotos around the station: Layover at