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Virtual Art Collection - Travel size for expats

"1/2 Torso - Lento" -- Keep looking at the picture until you see it... Dear Citizens of the World! Being an expat has ups and downs. One up-side is getting to meet interesting people from around the world. One such person, "Hans some" is a hard-working metal artist from Germany who is based in Alicante Spain. His sculpture "1/2 Torso - Lento" has become one of my favourite works of art. It has a subtle genius to it that reminds me of MC Escher, but in 3-D. It really plays tricks with your mind. Fantastic! Since I do not have a permanent home -- one of the downsides of being an expat -- I will keep a digital gallery of my favourite works of art. It is free, takes no space, and travels well. Check out more here: / Have any suggestions of other pieces of art that I should add to my collection? - The United Statesian

Dead Sea -- still dead, but fun!

White plastic chair on a salt-bar in the Dead Sea Dear Citizens of the World, What's an expat to do on a Saturday in July in Israel? The logical answer = Drive two hours through a desert to swim in the Dead Sea. Since it is one of the "touristy" things you hear about for so many years, you actually go with low expectations. I was surprised at just how fun it could be! A more beach-like entrance in Ein Boker Gotta love the chubby-speedo look! It was very hot! The thermometer said 41ºC (102ºF), but it felt much warmer. The water felt like warm pea soup, and the showers even warmer. It is not a Sea to go to in the summer to cool off on a hot day. It is the adventure and novelty that count. Look mom! No hands...I'm floating! There were a few people, but it was not crowded. Especially at the public beach in Ein Boker -- not the touristy one with a Spa and tractor pulled train. There is still lots to see (the Oasis, the waterfalls, Canyon trails, Masada). I will definitely