Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Don't Look Down!

Dear Citizens of the world!

Don't look down! Unless you are blind, then you are fine.... or not.

On our way to Petra we stopped in Mitspe Ramon to have a look at Israel's mini-Grand Canyon crater and the fantastic views of the desert from it's edges. To our surprise there was a group of blind people rappelling down the side of the cliff.

OK, They had the help of monitors and volunteers, but still.... rappelling down a cliff has got to be an experience when you don't see where you are going and when you have no idea how far you would fall if you messed up.

Watch that next step...it's a doozy!

The experiment reminded me of my rock climbing class at university in the Alps. The instructor had us climbing up with a blindfold, feeling for the holds and balancing ourselves without being able to see. It was quite a good way to learn to get a "feel" for rock climbing.

I hope to back in that area soon for a hike...who's up for a walk through the Negev Desert? I will leave the rappelling for the experts.

-The United Statesian

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JANET said...

It's amazing what people can do. Maybe Stacy could do this with her students some day. :)