Saturday, January 14, 2012

Desert Hike - Ein Avdat

Dear Citizens of the World!

After a heavy subject in my last post, I have decided to turn towards the brighter side of living in Israel as an expat... Escaping from Tel Aviv on weekends and seeing the country.

This weekend was rainy and cold in TA... perfect time to drive down to the Negev desert and go for a hike.

We chose to go down to the area where the first Prime Minister of Israel started a Kibutz after his first stint in office. Our destination was an oasis at the end of a narrow canyon called En Avdat or... depending on the spelling, Ein Avdat.

This shady oasis in the desert guarantees pictures of wildlife. There are plenty of birds for bird watchers.

If you want to go... the link for the GPX file is below.

Happy trails!

-The United Statesian.


marion said...

Hi Troy! I was there a few weeks ago, it's a great place!!!

marion said...

Hi Troy! I was there a few weeks ago. it's a great place!!!

D. Troy Roach said...

Thanks Marion! I agree. I was surprised at how nice the Negev is. i plan to do more routes there this winter/spring. Especialy when the amone flowers bloom.

JANET said...

Your photo's are beautiful as always. I'm glad you are getting to have some fun too. Love